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About Personal Health Education

History of the Personal Health Education Program

In 1997, members of the Modesto community recognized that there was a need for drastic change- specifically among the teens and young adults of the Central Valley. With a goal of decreasing unplanned pregnancies and reducing the number of STI & STD cases in Stanislaus County, the Community Education department from Modesto Pregnancy Center was formed. In a few short years, the CE team was regularly visiting high schools, middle schools, and other groups across the city and surrounding areas presenting the core elements of what would someday become the Personal Health Programs.


In 2016, as the Healthy Youth Act became law in California, the Personal Health Education program became what it is today- an alternative comprehensive sex education program compliant with the requirements of the California Healthy Youth Act.


The Personal Health Education program was written with the youth of the Central Valley in mind- with a fresh, genuine take on current issues like gender, sexuality, healthy relationships, and more.

Why choose the Personal Health Education Program

Our health education programs exist to share current facts and information from credible, scientific sources in an unbiased way. The Personal Health Education philosophy is simple: if teens are given honest, reliable, and factual information they will make healthy choices and be able to relate to themselves and others in affirming, respectful, and accepting ways- no matter their background, history, beliefs, or experiences.

In addition to the unbiased messaging and credible information, the PH program reinforces teen decision-making skills by highlighting the value of getting feedback from trusted adults. Teens identify the trusted adults in their own life and are encouraged to seek advice and support from these individuals often.

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